Bit of a winge

Mrs BW is out on a course, the Munch bored in his room, Lilly asleep on the bed, and the Weasel has just popped out for a bit. I am sitting here resisting the strong desire to go down stairs and make a hot chocolate and then join Lilly. Its one of the many disadvantages of growing older. Weariness. Trouble is I feel it most of the day. Is it possible to go to bed, sleep and then wake up feeling more tired? I think it must be. It must be the stressful life we lead. Its been a fairly uneventful day though. I drove to Bakewell for a meeting where the sun was shining the birds singing, and it felt like spring. This cheered me up. Then I drove back to Buxton where the sun wasn’t about, the birds were hunched in the trees trying to keep warm and winter was strutting about flexing her muscles and making it clear that she was hanging in there thank you. Winter does seem to hang about up here. Its not so much the cold. I can cope with that, it the grey foggy, damp days. Months of them. No wonder Buxton never really took off as a Spa town. Its fine having a warm healing spring but it helps if you have the climate to go with it. Still look on the bright side, the days are drawing out, its light enough in the mornings now for me to take Lilly for a decent walk. If only I could drag myself out of bed.

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