I’ve Surprised Myself

Got back from Pembrokeshire at the end of last week, just in time to collect the Weasel from Manchester Airport. She had a fantastic time and talked non stop for hours about Oz. I fancy she will be going back there! So for me it was back to work and of course the English summer decides to make an appearance, bless her. Lovely. Sat in front of a computer or sitting in sweaty meeting rooms whilst the sun shines outside.

By way of relaxation I decided to buy the audio version of the Blair memoirs. I have never been a Blair fan but wanted to read what Teflon Tony had to say about himself and I figured it couldn’t be worse than the odious little tome that Meddlesome brought out recently. I must be ill or getting old, because I am rather enjoying it. The guy has a sense of humour an a nice self deprecating touch. I’m only half way through but I can’t wait for the mug of hot chocolate (Morrisons cheapest) and to get in to bed and plug the earphones in and listen to the next chapter. Mrs BW is away in Wales so its just Lilly (the border collie and me in the bed.) She doesn’t like Tony. Anyway just getting to the bit about Iraq so must dash.

4 thoughts on “I’ve Surprised Myself

  1. Not relevant to your post, but just wanted to pop by and say that I saw my first goyts in England this summer, late on a summer's evening over fields on the Lancashire/Yorkshire border. A fine moment.Well, as I'm here, does phoney Tony crack any jokes about how he fell for charismatic Georgie's war-luvin' lies?

  2. I'm glad she has arrived home and obviously had a good time. My kids come back from adventures and I get the whole story in the car on the way home. I love their excitement, and love being the one they want to share it with.Your own self-deprecation allows you to appreciate it in others…

  3. Did the weasel pick up an Aussie twang whilst on hols.No 1 son is in Brisbane at this very moment, enjoying the warmer weather and the feel of sunshine on bare skin.Here, we've had a weekend of heavy rain and damaging floods.Enjoy your book and cocoa.

  4. SAHIP – Great bird the curlew, esp in the Goyt. They have all flown to the coast now though. Blairs little tome got worse, esp when he tried to justify Iraq. Basically he was right so it was ok.Katherine – That's true about the self deprecation I guess. It was good that she came back so full of stories. Back to normal so soon though.SBL – A slight twang but back to Derbyshire now. Brisbane sounds a great place – will have to get out there sometime. Take care.

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