Just another satuday in the goyt

After another sleepless night there was only one thing to do. I called lilly and put her in the car. She was a bit sluggish and reluctant to get in. I could not blame her to be honest. It was hot and airless even with the windows open. Once we were moving however and she found the cooling breeze and turned her face to it she seemed happier. A couple of fire engines were practisinh water rescue techniques by the pond. We set off across the moors, already dry from the few days sun. Dedicated frogs littered the ground. This happens every year. Not sure why as there is plenty of standing water for them. A couple of curlews flew down to their feeding grounds but apart from them there was little activity. Just too hot I guess. We sat on a bench and looked at the view. A couple
strolled past and I asked them what they had seen. Nothing as it turned out so I told them what was usually around and we chatted about this and that. Back at the car I gave lilly some water and headed for home and all the uncertainty that I know I will find there.

8 thoughts on “Just another satuday in the goyt

  1. I'm good – I'm starting a new job (it only took me a year and six months to get one!) with my fellow blogger friend, Brad on Wednesday. Whatever is going on with you, I hope you find peace.

  2. Nice to see a post,hope the sunny, warmer weather has lifted your spirits a bit.Fresh air and a change of scenery can sometimes help clear your mind of worries and refocus on what's important.One day at a time, thinking of you.

  3. Katherine – She is lol. A really wonderful dog.She listens to all my problems and never questions me or gives advice.Richard – Its a bit damp at the moment. I get lost easily. I did a Geography degree!Claire – Thanks for the thoughts. Sometimes I just wish I could count my blessings.

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