I have not had the inclination to write anything on here for quite a while. As life tumbles down around me, I just seem to sit and stare at it, unable to react or even act to stop the descent into chaos. Writing my blog would be a major major effort that I just could not have faced. Pathetic? Probably but then that is how it sometimes takes me. Post lies unopened in drawers, e-mails go unanswered and telephone calls are not returned. I cut myself off from my friends and like a small communist state enter a period of isolation and solitude. I have really struggled to make it to the Goyt, even though the Curlews are now back and nesting. Poor Lilly has to make do with walks down our local dale, from me, though Mrs BW has taken her up Shining Tor on a fairly regular basis. Is the fog lifting, can I see the path ahead now after months of stumbling around blindly in the mist and dark? We shall see. Anyway hope you are all well, have a good Easter break and lets hope spring is soon on its way.

6 thoughts on “Inertia

  1. I do that too when I am depressed or worried about something. I turn into a bear and hibernate – that's how I think of it. It just feels like all creativity dries up and the only things I have to share would be depressing or whiney, so I keep it to myself. Hang in there friend, spring is on the way and maybe that will help.

  2. Am somewhat shocked to read your post and sorry to hear that you are in such a state.Guess we all go through these sort of times to one degree or another.Sometimes you just need to force yourself to get out, fresh air, different scenery, something to take your mind off your woes.Hope you can make it back to the Goyt and give Lilly a walk.I loved reading your posts about those times.Best wishes and hope things turn around speedily.

  3. NGB – Lets make it up as we go along I think is the Philosophy of the Coalition Government. Makes a refreshing change though. If your going to hell you may as well have a laugh.

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