Back to the Goyt

After all the snow that we have had it has been difficult to get to the Goyt, so Lilly and I have been confined to walking the local Dales and lanes. Nothing wrong with that at all. There are some wonderful little Limestone dales hidden away around here and the snow makes them even more interesting and at times challenging. But we both miss the open spaces, the wildness, the wind, the silence of the Goyt.

So this morning I promised myself a walk to Wildmoorstone. There are still large snow banks up there and Lilly was racing about flicking at the icy stuff and burying her face in the cold snowy holes having a wonderful time. It as good to breath in the cold air and to feel the chill wind brush against my face. We both stopped to watch a raven , slowly fly across the valley, calling occasionally to let us know it was boss. The pond by the car park still has ice on it, and I rather suspect that we may be in for another spell of cold weather in February.

It was good to be back.

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