Just a foggy day

I work from home today. Making the most of the clocks going back and the fact that it is light earlier, I get up early and take Lilly to the Goyt. It’s very foggy but very restful and relaxing striding along in the grey mist not quite sure of where of exactly where I am. Lilly is oblivious to it all and pads along, first ahead and then behind as she explores the fresh early morning smells. A few minutes into the walk she disturbs a flock of pheasants that fly clumsily down the side of the hill, squawking, in a rush of beating wings. Back at the house I get stuck in to my list, interrupted occasionally by the Munch and the Weasel as they go about the slow and noisy process of getting up. Its half term so no school and with Mrs BW still in Wales, they push the boundaries. At midday I need to pop out to the library and I ask them to postpone going out for a half hour. This is met with a chorus of derision and as I close the front door I can hear that they are united by their mutual irritation with their unreasonable Dad. I grab a few books from the library and sneak into town for some dog food. As I get back they are both milling around by the front door and I am almost knocked flat in their rush to get out. I call out to remind them that we will have tea at 6.00pm but I would not swear to it that they heard me. It is still grey and foggy and there is a thin drizzle in the air. Neither has taken their coats. As I trudge upstairs, Lilly racing in front of me, I smile to myself. A nice wet and persistent drizzle. I go to my laptop and work, Lilly to the spare room to sleep.

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