What can I say. She is a sweetheart but of course she is a little bit mischievous. (Mrs BW says that butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth) Well today she sneaked past the ever vigilant Mrs BW and went for a stroll on her own and without a leader. We noticed she had gone but spent precious minutes searching the house and garden. Sam and his mate from next door found her and brought her back. Thank you Sam and your friend.

She is at that difficult age. She wants to explore and find out what is going on around her. We need to be vigilant. Its all very stressful. At least the Weasel comes home on time. For the moment.

6 thoughts on “Lilly

  1. I am glad you are back, and Lily DOES look like butter wouldn't melt. Sneaky little minx. I think of you & Mrs. BW every time I use my bio-degradable bags for the food waste. Please tell her thank you for that suggestion -it has made recycling the food scraps soooo much easier. Smart lady. Hope all is well in the BW,fiwa

  2. When I was a child we had a dog that looked just like yours (not a purebred border collie or anything, just a pretty black & white herding type dog) and she was quite the animal. Your Lily looks quite lovely. Hope you survive her young adulthood (ours once took out 31 chickens while we were visiting a neighbor — it was a dreadful, feathery mess).

  3. Fiwa and BT – apologies for not noting your comments earlier. I thought I had. Just proves that the kids are right and the old man is going senile.Foilwoman – I think pretty black and white (with a hint of brown) herding type dog is an excellent description. She keeps us on our toes but you can't beat the excited tail wagging and happy licking that you get when getting in from work. She really lets you know that she has missed you. Hope the neighbour forgave you!

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