Read the Instructions!

By 5.10pm I had had enough of e-mails, text messages and people wanting funding. And anyway there was a little puppy dog that needed walking. Mrs BW had gone off to her course at the Uni, so the rest of us were left to our own devices. Thinking ahead earlier in the day, I had popped into Waitrose during my lunch break (well you never know who is reading this) and purchased a ready made Cumberland Pie. Life doesn’t get much simpler. The Weasel decided that she did not want to come with the Munch, Lilly and I, preferring to watch some crap on the tele, so I said that was okay but that she would have to cook tea while we were out. I explained that this was not as complicated as it sounded and involved her basically putting the Pie on 190 for forty five minutes. Anyway I added, the instructions were on the box.

Lilly had a wonderful time in Grinlow Woods. There were a few other dogs to bark at, hide from and sniff and of course the attached (or in most cases unattached)owners. It was good to be out watching her explore and feel the stresses of the day peel away.

Back home the house was filled with the smell of hot Cumberland Pie, the table was laid and the Weasel, clearly pleased with her efforts was quick to chivy us into our places. She brought the pie out and grandly placed it on the table.

“Well I think I have done a really good job with this” she started. The Munch muttered something about only having to take it out of the box and put it in the oven, but the Weasel ignored him and went on ” I have timed it all perfectly, its been in the oven for 25 minutes so it will be nice and hot and just right.”

“Did you say 25 minutes” I snapped at her. In the background the Munch sniggered to himself.

“Yes. Like you said. Put it in for 25 minutes”

“Idiot. Its 45 minutes. 45 at 190. Not 25 minutes. Are you trying to poison us?”

“Where do you get 45 from anyway?” She had gone defensive and a little defiant.

“It says so on the box, like I told you.”

“No it doesn’t!” brave but even she was not convinced by her argument.

I fished the box out from the bin (It should have been in the recycling, but I let that one go) “There 45 minutes! It says so clearly”

The pie went back in the oven. Our tea and the Weasels cooking career on temporary hold.

4 thoughts on “Read the Instructions!

  1. As Dickens might have said, “25 minutes in the oven, 45 minutes on the box, anticipation; 45 minutes in the oven, 25 minutes in the box, vexation”. I’d count her a success.

  2. Kim – Usually a man thing though treating instructions as a last resort. BT – Not if you’re eating it! And she has form as far as under cooking things is concerned.

  3. This is frighteningly similar to my own dear daughter’s cooking …and she is 18…It’s all a bit hit-and-miss with her, but she tries hard.

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