The Curlews are back

Well one at least. I heard, then saw one this morning at about 7.20am as I was returning to the car with Mrs BW, the Munch and Lilly our Border Collie pup (more later). I was excited and so was Lilly but maybe not at that moment for the same reason. Well of course I had been excited with Lilly as it was her first time out after the inoculations, but just at that moment when I heard the curlew, I sort of felt all tingly, as if the world was suddenly an okay sort of place again. The curlew looked as if it had been flying for a long time and it called mournfully as it flew overhead and then dropped into Wildsmoorstone. Its the first sign that Winter is moving away. I got home and bumped into the Weasel who had decided that staying in bed for that little bit longer was a better idea than traipsing round the Goyt. “Hey guess what I saw…A curlew, its the first one of the year, isn’t that exciting!” Of course I knew as I said it that my enthusiasm was going to fall on stony ground. She looked at me. “There’s something wrong with you dad, you’re sad” and of course she is right,I probably am. Anyway Mrs BW and Lilly were interested.

5 thoughts on “The Curlews are back

  1. Give her a few years and she’ll get it.We’ve snipe in the top field, several curlews, a crowd of oystercatchers, several lapwing and there are about 300 greylag geese on the island – but is my 16-year-old impressed?

  2. She’s afflicted with teenageritis. It’s not fatal though.That’s good news – I’m glad to hear that spring is on the way. It hasn’t been such a bad winter here, but I am always ready for spring and sunshine.Let’s hear more about this new pup.

  3. Haven’t had much chance to go walking lately (due to my broken arm) so I don’t know if they’re back by us yet… I shall listen out.

  4. Malc – your’re 16 year old isn’t but a 50 year old is.Fiwa – no it isn’t but is tends to get her parents down. I will post some more on the puppy soon.BT – To be honest its the right time. I think I first saw one last year on the 6th but then I don’t go every day. The one I saw a couple of days ago loked as if it had been flying for a long time and had just arrived.Rol – Sorry about the arm. Interesting to hear if they are back with you.

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