Its the little things

Today was a special day. I reached the last page of my notebook, and oh the joy of a new Moleskin. I fumble as usual peeling off the cellopane wrapper. The stiff black cover firm and reassuring fits snuggly in the palm of my hand, and the pure, pristine, white of the pages aches to be written on. The breathless anticipation as I hover over the first page with my pen, one hand holding the book open, my brow furrowed,thinking what to write? And then taking the plunge, the pen darts down to soil the creamy space with dark dark ink.

11 thoughts on “Its the little things

  1. They are things of beauty – so much so that I find it hard to spoil them. Such crisp pages inspire profundity.(PS Cursive handwriting, Sir…Were you ever a doctor?)

  2. BT – No I pass out at the thought of blood. But the comment has been made before. The teenagers think I should go back to school for lessons. I think its distinctive and it enables me to disguise the fact that I cannot spell.

  3. And I thought it was just me. The tactile beauty and the reassuring sense of just knowing it is in your pocket with your pencil. For me it has to be pocket sized and squared paper.

  4. porthole – Thanks for dropping by. Pocket size is a must, but I am not so rigid about the paper. Given the chaotic nature of my writing, lined at least keeps it in some sort of order, but the rebel in me sort of leans towards the plain. If I’m honest I like them best when they are slightly worn and a little tattered.

  5. OOoooOOooOoo notebooks *drools Homer Simpson stylee* I ‘collect’ them, which means I go mental everytime I pass WH Smiths or Paperchase, Etsy has so many handcrafted lovlies that it’s like porn to me. OOoooOOO missus.

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