Tomorrow I’m Cycling to Wrexham

But tonight I’m drinking red wine. Hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow. I’m a fair weather cyclist you see. What is Wrexham like I wonder on a damp July evening? Hopefully I will find out so I’ll let you know.

Bet you can’t wait.

8 thoughts on “Tomorrow I’m Cycling to Wrexham

  1. Wrexham?! Wrexham???!!You’ve seen Fort Apache, The Bronx, I suppose? Soylent Green? The Munchkins in Wizard of Oz? Well it’s like all those with a strange hybrid Scouse/Welsh accent. Not for the faint-hearted. I hope Mrs BW has you well insured.

  2. Malc – Actually it was a mighty fine night out. The cycling was the justification for all the Guiness that was drunk.JennyTa – Shame! But you wouldn’t have been pleased with the rest of the beer swilling, womenising, mob. NGB – Fine and welcoming place Wrexham. We may have made the Sportsman, however all the bars merged into one as the days hills and guinness took its toll.Fiwa – Was going to post a blog about it, probably will put something on soon. Anyway “Hello” hope you are well.

  3. Hi – just came by to explain the “semi” bit about my wreck. It’s a transport truck – not an 18 wheeler, a bit smaller than that, but a BIG TRUCK none the less. I haven’t heard back from the insurance company yet, but I’m pretty sure they’re going to say my car is totalled and offer me a cash settlement. 😦

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