No Curlews in the Goyt – Yet!

The Goyt is silent. I am waiting for the curlews to return. I wish they would hurry up. I need to hear them again. The winter, though not harsh or very cold has dragged on in a mainly grey and wet soggy sort of way and its time for a change. Maybe they will be back this weekend? I hope so.

11 thoughts on “No Curlews in the Goyt – Yet!

  1. This time of year drags on so long, doesn’t it? I keep going outside and peaking at the tulip and daffy shoots to see if there are any new developments yet. At least the birds are coming back though – I’ve seen a record number so far this year. Lots of robins, which I’ve hardly ever seen in the past. I hope that’s a good sign for the summer to come.

  2. They’re all round at my place! We tied one on last night and they’re feeling a bit fragile at the moment. We’re going to watcht the rugby then they promised they would be on the first train over.

  3. I think Spring has had a peek round the curtain up here in Glasgow. Definitely milder than normal yesterday, and the Glasgow forecast looks good, which means speedway on Sunday………….Oh, and ‘mon the Wales!! 😉

  4. I envy you your curlews Mr BW, and hope they return to you soon; here in Romania we don’t get them as residents. As compensation last year I saw ravens, a couple of golden orioles and a black redstart.

  5. Rugby? Harumph! Is O’Sullivan picking up his P45 yet?Curlews are here pretty much through the year. Went outside last night at midnight and curlews and oystercatchers were making a hell of a row.

  6. Reg – shame about Les Bleu oin the end. At least England put on a decent show though what!Ill man – does speedway get rained off?gadjo dilo – Yes thats some compensation. Today (Monday) I stopped and watched Herons and Lapwings messing around over the Goyt. Malc – Only managed to watch the second half. We (Buxton Thirds) managed to throw the game away (bloody girly backs) with two minuts to go and lost 17-14. But I enjoyed the second half of the England game. Sorry! V Envious re Curlews.

  7. Rol – spot on. I was in the Dark Peak yesterday and I saw a couple so I slowed down and opened the car windows and there is was that liquid bubbling sound. Marvelous.

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