One poor pass doesn’t mean your’re a crap fly half

I’ve witnessed some appalling rugby in my time, hell I’ve played in a few games myself. (Our recent 86-0 thrashing by Macc 4ths springs to mind and the 153-0 defeat to La Villa whilst on tour a few years ago still haunts me. Mind you we were playing the Spanish National team and they had a stand and a band and we’d been on the piss for 48 hours so I guess we had a excuse) But England in the last twenty minutes on Saturday take the prize. Perhaps they had heard the World Cup winning coach of South Africa express the view that the flood gates were about to open and thought they would make him eat his words. We were due to go out on Saturday night with my Welsh friend and his wife. They cried off earlier in the week. Thank God. It would have been awful having to sit there listening to the gloating, as the Welsh accent got thicker and thicker as the evening progressed, especially as I had a few below the belt comments to make about playing Ospreylia. Anyway for a totally objective view on the game and its wider political, social and revolutionary ramifications can I recommend the excellent No Good Boyo. We can’t do that poorly against the Italians can we?

11 thoughts on “One poor pass doesn’t mean your’re a crap fly half

  1. Wasn’t pretty was it? And, on the subject of fly-halves, Jonny was second best No. 10 on the field by some distance. Hope Ashton has a plan B.For those of us whose loyalties lie elsewhere it was some consolation after the string of pompous, arrogant arses who cluttered up the airwaves predicting English domination of the Six Nations.England will beat the Italians. Ireland were awful (Reddan and O’Gara apart) and still hung on.

  2. Dinahmow – You feel overwhelming pity for the Welsh? Don’t they wallow in pity.They love it.Malc – Second best and thats not even considering Hook. I always get anoyed when we English get referred to as pompous and arrogant. Forget the chinless lot in the West carpark. Englishmen are allowed to feel a sense of National Pride as well.

  3. My son was on a school trip at the weekend up at Murrayfield to watch Scotland get thrashed by France. Apparently he was seated only 3 rows from the pitch so had an excellent view of the drubbing.Amazingly he’s still enthusiastic about the game

  4. I meant the series of (usually non-rugby) journos and former players (Carling the prime example this time) who habitually ‘big up’ England pre-tournament, casually dismissing everyone else.No offence meant to ordinary Englishmen/women. Most of my best friends, my wife and so on. . .

  5. Birdwatcher, Many thanks for the link.I consider it the duty of the Cymru Rouge to overcome the bourgeois colonial mentality that feeds self-pity through use of the non-portable harp.

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