Mrs BW does a spot of Gardening and Confuses the Weasel

It had been a long day and I was glad to get to the car, even though I wasn’t looking forward to the journey home. (It can take a good hour and a half from Derby to Buxton during the rush hour) I glanced down at my phone. There were two missed calls, one of them was from home. I checked the answer phone message. It was the Weasel.

“Dad, its the Weasel. I’m at home but there is no sign of mum. The front door was unlocked but she is not here. All her stuff is here and everything but there’s no sign of her. I have checked everywhere. Please can you call me.” She sounded worried.

I dialed home and the Weasel picked up. “Have you checked everywhere, she maybe lying down, what about the garden.” I said. “I have checked” she said “I have searched under the beds” I heard the sound of the French Windows being opened “She’s not in the back garden and I know she’s not in the front garden because she wasn’t there when I came home.” I told her not to worry and suggested that she might have gone round to visit a neighbour. I rang off and dialed Mrs BW’s mobile. After a minute the Weasel answered. “She left her phone at home dad, I told you all her stuff was here.” “Okay” I said trying to sound calm and relaxed about it all. “She may be in the garage just go and check will you.” “But dad, the garage doors were closed and …..” I interrupted her. “Yes but she may have popped into the garage and the door closed behind her and its quite difficult to get it open from the inside (this from bitter experience) so just go and check and ring me back okay” She agreed. All sorts of irrational thoughts flashed through my mind. Had she been abducted? Had she left home? Was she hurt and lying injured somewhere? The phone rang. It was the Weasel. “Dad? Its okay Dad I’ve found her. She was down the side of the house by the compost bins”. I felt a surge of relief and all was well with the world again and even the traffic slow and ponderous as it sneeked out of Derby seemed okay.

At tea later that evening, Mrs BW found the whole thing highly amusing. Especially the bit about the Weasel looking under the beds. “I was in the garden” she said “and no I didn’t hear you calling me” The Weasel looked a little bit put out. The Munch who had listened to the tale in considered silence put down his knife and fork. “I don’t know what all the fuss was about, mum never goes far!”

4 thoughts on “Mrs BW does a spot of Gardening and Confuses the Weasel

  1. Looking under the flower beds was a little morbid. I bet Mrs BW was delighted to hear the “she never goes far” line. I sense a Butterflies episode coming on. Glad is all as it should be again.

  2. Awww…that’s sweet that you were all so worried about her. Though I agree, the “mum never goes far” line is probably going to land him in trouble. :)The boy did that to me the other day. He’d been talking on the phone for awhile, and then it got quiet so I went looking and couldn’t find him anywhere. It was 10:30 at night and cold as hell outside, so I didn’t bother looking out there, but a few minutes later the door opened and in he came, still on the phone. When I asked him about it later he said talking to his mom was putting him to sleep, and he was hoping being out in the cold would wake him up. πŸ˜‰

  3. I used to have this belief that if you imagined bad things might have happened in a situation like this, you cancelled out the possibility of them happening.Not sure I’d want to put all my faith in that theory though!

  4. This happens with my mother about twice a week. Our garden’s not THAT big, but she is rather small and good at hiding behind little bushes etc. She’s also very deaf (she is 83 after all). I am trying to train her to leave a note on her kitchen table to let me know where she is. I am not having a lot of success with this. But I am grateful to her as she does all the gardening for both our garden and hers – a total of about a third of an acres!

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