Just another foggy day

Saturday morning found me up at the riding school watching the Munch and a couple of others have their regular Saturday morning lesson. It is good to see him getting on so well and enjoying himself. Since he has found that he can ride and ride well, his confidence has bloomed. It wasn’t a great day weather wise though. Heavy overnight rain had ruined any chances of our match going ahead, so I was left with the prospect of a Saturday by myself, as everyone else, Mrs BW included, had places to go, people to see.

I turned my back on the riding lesson and looked up at the hills. The fog was seeping down through the trees, and filling all the cracks and crevices with a blanket of grey. The horses that had a few minutes before been visible in the trees on the brow of the hill disappeared into the thickening mist. A thin drizzle started to fall. My thoughts turned to a hot cup of tea and an afternoon spent listening to the afternoon play maybe on the radio and catching up on one or two things. Not such a bad prospect really. Shame about the rugby though, I had been in the mood.

5 thoughts on “Just another foggy day

  1. Sorry about your game, but that photo is beautiful. I love the foggy/misty weather. We get a lot of that around here too.Enjoy you day of puttering.

  2. Great that the Munch has found something he can do well at – very important at that age. My lad struggled to make the grade at team games, but found he was a good surfer. Changed his life.

  3. Fiwa – The fog hides all the bad things. Well thats my view anyway.Malc – Doesn’t matter what it is if you find out that you can do it your confidence goes 8.0 on the richter scale.

  4. In the absence of rugy, BW, that sounds like a great afternoon to me and one I would have opted for. Good to hear the Munch is growing in confidence. Funny how learning to ride a horse can help you in life. A good plan all round, I think – he loves it, learns that he is good at something and so has the confidence try other things and so let the world know he’s arrived! Not for the first time, I envy you.

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