Back to Normal

So that really is it for another year. The decorations are down, and the Christmas tree lies in the back garden waiting to be taken to the shredder to be recycled. The Christmas cards have been removed and stored in a box under the stairs to be used for present tags next year (Mrs BW’s idea not mine) I’ve been back at work for a few days already and the fledglings go back, happily it has to be said, to school on Monday.

Its back to normal.

Now all I have to do is to lose the half a stone I have put on over the holiday, and start trying to get fit again. I’ve done little in the way of exercise for weeks due to an ankle injury and its showing. The sun actually came out today for the first time this year which is encouraging, and the garden is full of birds, sparrows mainly, dining off the seeds and fat balls that Mrs BW puts out for them.

The Goyt is still quiet, but it will not be too long before the Curlews return and their cries fill up the valley and echo across the hillside. The days are already getting longer, there is a lot to look forward to but its important to enjoy things as they are as well. So I shall make the most of the rest of the winter and enjoy it despite the grey and the gloomy foggy days that we are bound to have. And who knows maybe a little snow as well?

3 thoughts on “Back to Normal

  1. Oh, I LIKE Mrs. B’s idea about using old cards for tags. I haven’t thrown my out yet, so I may do that too. Tell her thank you!I had to get rid of all the christmas decorations on January 1st – because they drive me batty once the new year has started.I’m ready for spring too… but our winter really hasn’t been to bad this year. The birds have been fliting about eating seeds off of all the flowers I didn’t get around to deadheading, so I guess that’s one plus of lazy gardening?

  2. That’s the way, BW. It ain’t about arriving – it’s the journey. There are far too few moments to savour and things to enjoy once you’re dead. Still, I know what you mean – seeing the curlews again would be more than comforting.

  3. Fiwa – Mrs BW is full of good ideas. Our winter is just grey and wet, I think you need a good cold spell to set you up for the spring.Reg – Yes I suppose I ought to winter by the sea like they do. That would be good, but of course I would have to be a man of leisure and means to do this.

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