Ice Day in Buxton

According to the local weather station the temperature did not get above freezing all day and with the wind felt like -7C. It was very chilly. Despite the cold there was a drunk sipping cider and dispensing her own unique brand of wisdom outside the Town Hall for most of the afternoon.
I had a busy day but managed to take these between meetings. I thought that the pond would be frozen but there was enough wind to keep the ice from forming except around the edges.

The sign below amused me. It says swimming is prohibited! Glad it was there, I was going to nip back for my trunks and have a quick dip.

4 thoughts on “Ice Day in Buxton

  1. BW, anyone who is rushing around trying to earn money to buy bread to stay alive so that they can earn money………and takes time to stop, step back and photograph the beautiful bits around them that life is all about is all right by me. I think we are much the same. All power to your Goytness!

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