Disappearing Wallet

We have seen the New Year in with friends, and its the fag end of the Jules Holland music extravaganza. I wander out of the sitting room to pop up stairs and on route check my jacket pocket to see if my wallet is still there. Instinct. It will be, it has to be as I have not been anywhere. Except that it isn’t. Slightly concerned, just slightly, I go upstairs and check in the study. Its not on my desk. Nor is it in the bedroom, or in the pockets of the jeans that I discarded earlier in the evening. I recheck the usual places. Nothing.

To cut a long and tedious search short, my wallet has done a disappearing act. Somehow I have managed to lose it. My memory starts playing little tricks with me. When did I last see it? Well I remember having it to play the contribution at Arbor Low, and I am pretty confident that I had it when we got home.

Several phone calls later to cancel the cards I get wearily into bed and feel foolish. Great start to 2008.

6 thoughts on “Disappearing Wallet

  1. I’m with Rol on this one. Although, if you’re anything like me, you will have spent two hours raging around the house making everyone cower in your wake, accusing the cat of stealing your wallet, beating yourself up over being such a feckless eejit for losing it in the first place before, miraculously, finding it on the kitchen table/bedside cabinet/workshop bench. Mrs TPF has a few views on the subject of lost wallets.

  2. Oh no – that’s terrible. I feel for you. I’ve done it once, and it’s such a pain trying to get it all straightened out. I’m not sure if it’s better in the end to find it after you’ve cancelled everything or not.

  3. Rol – my very words to Mrs BWMalc – I was apparently cool and calm about the whole thing. Must have been the excessive amount of whisky in my system.Fiwa – Yes a real pain and I felt a fool especially when I found it two days later.Kim – Thanks. There is always the woeey that you may have left something incriminating in it. Not that I have anything like that of course.Reg – That divorce cannot come soon enough.

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