Its a hard life………

Let me introduce to you to Yoyo and JC. Yoyo is the white one with brown bits. Yoyo was named after Adebayo Adedayo one of Bath Rugbys’ legendary wingers and JC after the genius and puller off of miracle kicks Jonathan Callard. Its rare to see them like this, asleep. Normally their out and about (not). If its sunny and warm, a rare and infrequent combination up here in Buxton, despite global warming, they like to lie under the bushes by the bird feeders. Perhaps they like looking at birds, who knows. They haven’t met Moonshine yet. Probably not a great idea to introduce them, after all they are sensitive and easily scared and he has got massive testicles. They are a much loved part of the BW household, even if they serve no useful purpose, other than to keep me company when Mrs BW and the fledglings go off on their adventures.

5 thoughts on “Its a hard life………

  1. How the hell have you got two unrelated cats to sleep together without tearing chunks out of each other? Pinned them to the floor? Ours fight like, well, cat & cat – usually over access to us.

  2. Stef – Actually they are mother and daughter, Yoyo is the mother. They do fight but not very often,Fiwa – I guess it would be okay if they had been brought up together. Everytime a dog comes anywhere near JC vanishes.

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