I don’t Believe it!

In Buxton we have a Morrison’s, a Waitrose, a Marks and Spencer’s (but I suppose everyone has one of those) and an Aldi. Recently Tesco’s have opened an “open 24 hours” (actually closed between 2300 and 2400 hours sorry for the inconvenience) mini store to go next to their shiny new petrol station. Sainsbury’s have take over the old Kwik Save and are opening one of their micro mini supermarkets. Now according to a glossy leaflet that was poked through the letter box of the Birdwatcher residence, we are to have a full blown macro sized Sainsbury’s Supermarket. What do they think we do all day? Eat? Welcome to the homogeneous high street.

7 thoughts on “I don’t Believe it!

  1. That’s an obscenity, BW! You gotta do something. It’s all part of a masterplan. They force the small farmers and local suppliers out of business, they close the mines, they close the steel works, they close the factories, they close the Post Offices, they close the greengrocer’s, they close the butcher’s..they close..they close..they close…..and then they open supermarkets and say “Wanna job? It’s the only one going.” So everyone ends up working for shite moeny, part-time in the supermarkets, to earn something, which can only be spent in the supermarkets, to buy food, to keep everyone alive, so they can work in the supermarkets. Like the banks, the supermarkets are completely out of control. Get up that council planning meeting! If you lose, vote with your feet. Shop anywhere but Sainsbury’s! Failing all that, give me a ring….my mate’s got a bulldozer!

  2. Er… clearly this is a different issue for you than it is for us. I would be excited about another grocery store, because the ones we have suck. But we haven’t had smaller mom and pop stores in a long time – it’s one big chain after another.

  3. Reg – Failing the bulldozer I could write threatening poetry at them. Fiwa – We must be missing something then this side of the pond. Supermarkets or Grocery stores over here are not exciting. They “suck” as you say. A new bar , or a sports bar thats exciting.

  4. I moved from the village (complete with butcher, baker and candlestick seller)(oh and a fishmonger too) to where I am now which is within close proximity to a Sainbury’s 24 hour (but not between the hours of 23:00 and 00:00!!) petrol station complete with mini-Sainsbury. . .my children’s diet has gone downhill:-(but it’s very useful for purchasing smokes and alcohol out of hours (but not between 23:00 and 00:00)so my chances of satisfying my selection of revolting habits have increased somewhat;-)

  5. (and I do know that when I run out of money there is a chance of a job behind the till at Sainsbury’s, whereas I wouldn’t have had the necessary skills to work in the butcher, baker or fishmonger’s, altho I probably could have sold candle sticks – and I don’t think they run training courses or let you do on the job learning in the butcher’s, baker’s etc etc; so, Mr P can add “de-skilling” the population to his list of diatribes of modern life)

  6. ILTV – We get a man that comes round in a van selling fish, but the butchers that I used to frequent has now closed. (No correlation) It was a wonderful way to waste a saturday morning as you queued often outside in the cold while the infirm, elderly and feeble of mind couldn’t make their minds up whether to have one chop or two. Your comments are always appreciated even it takes me a long time to reply. Its because I forget to check and don’t check my e-mails very often. Sorry!

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