So this is what a non rugby playing saturday is like?

I couldn’t play rugby for the thirds today as we were away and I have to be in Buxton by five to welcome the hoards of the smallest birdwatchers friends when they arrive for his party. So I offered my services for the two’s (Stop sniggering! Its not funny) At least it would pass some time before five o’clock and stop me brooding about the real business of the day “Le Crunch”. I arrived at the club to find that Kirby “bloody miles from bloody anywhere” Longsdale were still miles from anywhere and were not going to get any closer to Buxton than Blackpool. Hence game off. Leaving me with time to kill. (Mrs BW had unreasonably I thought chosen this particular weekend to go on a course, leaving me i/c re the domestic arrangements. I mean why does she have to chose a weekend when I have a rugby match?)

So the smallest BW and I set off back into town and I decided to treat him to a coffee and a large slice of White and Dark Chocolate Cheesecake. Very good it was to. As we were driving home I remarked to him that we really ought to go and pick the Weasel (fifteen year old daughter) up from her drama class. So you can imagine my surprise when who should we see strolling towards us, but the Weasel with friend in tow. The Drama class had obviously managed to go ahead without her. My surprise was nothing to the look of surprise, and shock on her face when I stopped the car. Needless to say she will have a bit of explaining to do, indeed the matter may have to be passed up to a higher court, especially as it involves financial deception. (Lifting a tenner off me for her drama class!) Mrs BW takes a very dim view of such matters. Of course it has to happen on my watch. It all adds to the now weighty file of evidence that I am seen as a soft touch and am weak on disipline.

Ah well, only two hours to the hoards come knocking on the door wanting fizzy drinks and crisps and entertainment and five hours to “Le Crunch”. I might have to go and have a lie down,

3 thoughts on “So this is what a non rugby playing saturday is like?

  1. Tell the Weasel, as you and Mrs BW are giving her a dressing down, that she should have said when caught: “Dad!! You interrupted me during my ‘street theatre’ module and ruined it. Now I’ll have to re-sit the exam – so I’ll need another tenner.” That’s the kind of thinking-on-your-feet/lying which made this country great!!

  2. Fiwa – Alive and well thank you. New batteries for the pace maker though.Reg – Thats just the sort of revolutionary radical talk that makes my life a misery. Mrs BW hasn’t found out yet, I have left it to the Weasels conscience. Um I don’t think teenagers have them do they?

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