Shopping Lists

We have a sort of centralised shopping list. It sits on the kitchen table and when someone realises that we have run out of something vital, like quails eggs, they can pop it on the list and the next person to go shopping can purchase it. It seems to work. No longer do I return from the Supermarket burdened with bags only to find that I have forgotten such trivia as milk or bread or both.

The fledgelings contributions can be confusing however. What is musilli? Does it mean Muesli? Or is it some sort of makeup or cosmetic used only by teenagers? More importantly will the helpful assistants in Morrisons understand what it means? Or will I have to come home without musilli and feel the full blast of teenage scorn and contempt.

5 thoughts on “Shopping Lists

  1. Heck, I don’t even know which is the correct spelling! ;)We have one of those lists too, and it’s really helpful, except that I usually get home from the grocery store, only to find out we’ve JUST run out of something that we didn’t know we needed.

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