Cashing in on the boon for reforming rock bands.

So the Police are reforming. I have to confess that I used to like them, and even saw them live at the Lyceum and at Reading Rock Festival in 1979. In their early days the fusion of new wave and reggae was a welcome change to the rich diet of punk that I had been absorbing since the mid seventies. But it seemed to all go to their heads, or at least Stings head. They became a global mega rock group, and as they spiralled into the stratosphere I lost interest. I don’t recall being particularly moved or concerned when they split.

And now they are going on tour again, and Sting will pick up a cool £70m if you believe the Guardian. I am sure that I am alone on this one but I wish they wouldn’t reform. The fledglings, a fairly reliable barometer, love the Beatles, enjoy the Clash, and much of the other stuff that has survived the various re locations and lean periods of mine and Mrs BW’s lives, but on the few occasions when I have put on The Police, they make a hasty exit from the room, going “oh no dad not your boring old music”.
No doubt there a sufficient numbers of forty and fifty something’s, cash rich and yearning to recapture something from the golden years of their youth, who will pay the exorbitant prices to see the band play again and so for a few brief moments recapture a glimpse of those far off long gone days. For me, I think that you are better with your memories, because it is never as good the second time round.

4 thoughts on “Cashing in on the boon for reforming rock bands.

  1. They were good especially live.But every dog…etc. Its a shame when they have to come back just that one more time. And anyway how will the great environmentalist Sting justify the damage he and his band will do with all that travelling?

  2. yeah, I was crushed when I read that about sting and the environmentalist scam. he does have his share of strangeness about him (like say, his wife). 😉

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