Snow Chaos Forecast…….

I am sitting writing this looking out of the window at the hills about a mile away. The sun has set behind them. They have a dark cold look about them. Much of our garden has been frozen all day so I would expect it to have been pretty cold on “the hills”. It has been a glorious winters day, sunshine, the sky a deep blue. The weather forecasters are predicting snow. Whether it will reach the Peak District is not certain. The youngest B/W has just assured me that it will, but whether that is based upon wishful thinking or scientific analysis is unclear. The forecasters are predicting a “good dumping” for much of England and Wales. I actually heard that phrase used on the BBC, albeit on Radio 5 (Radio bloke as Mrs BW calls it.) Whether they will get it right remains to be seen.

So there is an air of anticipation. A frisson in the atmosphere. It may be me but it seems as if people feel lifted by the expectation of snow. At last something to talk about that is not Global Terrorism, wrongful arrests, the cash for honours scandal or the impending extinction of the human species due to Global Warming. We have the good old British weather to distract us.

I suspect that for anyone on the European continent, or living in the US of A, or Canada, the prospect of 5cms of snow (even 10-15cms in the hills) would cause hardly a ripple of interest. However to us Brits it’s Armageddon time!

Our transport system will shortly be overwhelmed by the impending blizzard. Motorways will grind to a halt. Already the Railway companies are cancelling trains in anticipation. At the University students were being advised about the forecast and there was a number they could ring. (For counselling?) At work people were debating whether or not to come in.

If it does snow, then the papers will go overboard, especially if any of it falls on the precious South East and London. “Britain shivers in winters icy grip.” “Snow Chaos – England Grinds to a halt” (Meaning snow fell inside the M25 corridor). The TV news will send its intrepid reporters to far away parts of the home counties to stand in a couple of inches of snow and talk about isolated communities being cut off. And by Friday it will all be gone. Another unaccountable over reaction to our weather forgotten about until the next time.

So will the hills be glistening white this time tomorrow? I hope so! So does the youngest B/W. A day off school, and sledging with his dad. Bring it on!

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