Global Warming Update

Mrs Birdwatcher has just come in from the boggy morass that laughingly passes for our garden to tell me that the daffodils are coming up. I almost fell off my chair. Its not even half way through January yet! We don’t normally see any sign of them until the end of Feb early March and they never flower before late March early April. Is this just a one off or is it a taste of the future? I have lived here for the past eighteen years and I cannot recall so mild a winter. Mind you its not over yet. Some of the coldest, snowiest weather we have had in recent years has been in March. We shall see.

2 thoughts on “Global Warming Update

  1. You pushed it all over here on me, didn’t you?? We’re about to head in to our 3rd snow storm of the season… when we might, might have one a year most years.Send my warm weather back please!P.S. I loved the post about breakfasts. I’ve always wanted to ask, what is fried bread exactly? And are the mushrooms sauteed? Very different from an american breakfast, but sounds yummy.

  2. 3rd snow storm!! Green with envy. We have had no snow and hardly any frosts. At the moment alot of rain and strong winds. If I could I would send your warm weather back but I fear that we are seeing a significant change in the climate.Fried bread is just that. I like mine fried in fat from the bacon. (Very unhealthy so don’t have it very often) We cook the mushrooms along side the bacon and then finish them off with a little soy sauce. Now I am hungry!

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