Anyone for cricket……

Back to reality after the false dawn of England’s first day success. Its the early hours of the morning and I am listening to the dulcet tones of Geoffery Boycott mangling the English language in his own inimitable way, the hopelessly misplaced optimism of CMJ, and Agers talking about everything but the awful state of the English batting / bowling attack. Its 2.30am and I sad person that I am, am sitting bleary eyed at the keyboard, listening to the third test from Perth on the internet. The experiment of drifting off to sleep with the cricket as a background has been abandoned after a lengthy and rather one sided discussion (loose use of the term) with Mrs Birdwatcher. She declared the experiment a failure after I punched the air (from under the covers!) when Harmison got Ponding out lbw on the first day. She felt that this constituted unreasonable behaviour! (rough translation of her actual words) so its the internet and only the Fish for company.

Blimey just after I typed “Harmison got Ponting out”, he has just done it again! Caught behind! Scary!

Is this the start of England’s comeback? We shall see. Anyway apparently the Freemantle Doctor is on his way, so that will give them all something else to talk about.

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