Invisible Man……

I was in one of the larger supermarkets the other evening. I had popped in to get a paper so I was standing at the kiosk or counter near the entrance waiting to be served. When I say waiting I was actually the only person at the counter. There were two assistants; they were deep in conversation about a forth-coming party. One of them glanced up at me and looking back at her colleague continued chatting. Could they not see me? What else did they think I was standing here for? Perhaps they thought that I did not want to be served. Perhaps they thought I just enjoyed standing by the counter, browsing through the different types of cigarettes that they had. (I don’t smoke by the way) I waited, patiently, they glanced at me, so I tried to smile, but it came out more like a grimace. Success! One of them reluctantly shuffled towards me, still chatting to her colleague. “Can I help you?” she said. I was tempted, so tempted to say no, actually I quite often stand at a shop counter giving the appearance of wanting to be served when in actual fact I don’t, I was just winding you up! I am going to put the paper back and leave your shop. Of course I didn’t. I went all English and apologised for disturbing her. She took the paper, scanned it, took my money, gave me change, and shuffled back to her friend. I left feeling a little more invisible than I did before I went in. Is it just me? I do seem to be invisible when it comes to being served. Getting served at bars is always a stressful thing for me. I have been known to take up to thirty minutes to get served at our local Wetherspoons. If I go into Dixon’s with my wife, assistants with offers of help and support will surround us within seconds of entering the store. If I go in on my own however, they disappear. I have to sneak up on them hiding behind racks of CD’s or games to ask them for help. Maybe I should shout and complain. Maybe. I doubt it would get me very far, just barred.

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