RIP Lilith​ the Lynx

So a small frightened, hungry, Lynx, slightly bigger then a large domestic cat is deemed to pose such a threat to people that she has been destroyed. The BBC news bulletin used the word destroyed when they reported her death.

We destroy inanimate objects. Lilith the Lynx was a living breathing sentient animal. She had made her bid for a little freedom from her ‘zoo’ a couple of weeks or so before. She found herself in a landscape made for human beings, where unless an animal is deemed to have some financial value it is barely tolerated.

Using the word destroy, I guess, makes us feel better about what we have done. We use vermin in a similar way to describe animals that have the misfortune to get in the way of our insatiable desire for land and profit.

But each time we destroy a living animal because it is inconvenient, or gets in the way, we destroy a little of ourselves, of our humanity.

Should we be surprised?

No, not really. We cannot live in peace amongst ourselves, so what hope have wild animals, continually squeezed out of their living space, who then have the impertinence to find ways of living amongst us, got.

They are just vermin that must be destroyed.

RIP Lilith. We let you down. Some of us weep for your death and long to see your kind living free and wild in our forests.

One day maybe. At least we can dream. They cannot destroy our dreams.  Not yet anyway.

Welsh Zoo Outraged

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